This utility is primarily distributed as an npm package (simply npm install and use it in your Node.js development environment).

As with any npm package, individual aspects of the install can be obtained through unpkg.com: https://unpkg.com/astx-redux-util/

In addition, the GitHub Releases Page contains a tarball for each release (astx-redux-util_{ver}tar.gz) ... which promotes various executable bindings and documentation (should you wish to retain the docs locally). The tarball contains the following executable bindings (it's your choice):

Directory  What  Bindings Notes
=========  ====  ======== ======================================
src/       ES6   ES       the master source
dist/      ES5   CommonJS a UMD bundle: astx-redux-util[.min].js
lib/       ES5   CommonJS transpiled from src/
es/        ES5   ES       transpiled from src/
docs/      HTML  N/A      documentation