Why astx-redux-util?

This section provides some insight into why astx-redux-util was created, and how it compares to other similar utilities.

One of the astx-redux-util functions (reducerHash) is a stock feature in other reducer libraries, such as redux-actions handleactions. With that said, astx-redux-util promotes other reducer compositions that can be used in conjunction with one another.

SideBar: One underlying reason astx-redux-util was created was to provide my initial exposure into npm publishing. Because I am new to both Node and GitHub, and I wanted a small project, where I could focus on the setup and tooling required for publishing a micro-library. This also includes various aspects of project documentation (something that is important to me).

The astx-redux-util library was pulled from a sandbox project (GeekU) that I use to study several technologies and frameworks.

I hope to eventually promote additional astx-redux-util functionality from this sandbox. One aspect in particular is related to managing action creators with a twist: consistently maintaining action types in conjunction with their corresponding action creators.

I hope you enjoy this effort, and comments are always welcome.